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Niles Canyon Scene
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NILES CANYON was inspired by this old urban myth.

It’s the 1960’s.  After leaving a party around mid-night, a young couple drives on a winding stretch of road that cuts through the heart of deep gorge called, Niles Canyon. As they round a bend they see a woman, wearing a white dress, standing on the side of the road and waving them down. Wanting to help, they stop the car and offer assistance. The woman says she’s been in an accident and asks them for a ride home. The couple agrees. Sitting in the back seat, the woman tells them about herself, however, all her references to dates and places seem off. The couple pay no attention. After all, she has been in a bad accident.  As they get closer to the end of the canyon, the woman becomes very quiet. The couple asks where she would like to go. No response. They turn to her and to their shock, realize that the back seat is empty. In utter disbelief, the couple arrives home and shares their story, only to discover that ten years earlier a young girl died in a car accident at the exact same spot where they picked up the woman in white.

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